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Google AdWords Management

G.O.A.L. Web Design / Attorney Google AdWords Management Last Updated: Monday, March 23, 2015

Creation and deployment of a Google AdWords campaign can be an extraordinarily wise investment of your law firm's time and money.

The following few paragraphs contain a brief overview of Google AdWords for any attorneys who are not yet familiar with the service.

Google AdWords is a way to promote your law firm on the Google website. Unlike organic search results which are free, Google AdWords comes at a cost. In many instances, especially for attorneys, that cost is a steep one. (We'll explain more about pricing farther down on this page). When a search is conducted on Google, all of the organic results appear in descending order of relevance in the center of your computer's screen. But in the right rail, and often times, both above and below the organic results, in a very subtly color-shaded box, will be AdWords results.

Which law firms appear in the AdWords sections for each search that is conducted is all predicated on how much a participating law firm is willing to spend (its maximum "bid") for either placement of its AdWords ad, or how much it is willing to spend for each click-through from Google to its website.

The more money a law firm is willing to spend, the more visible its AdWords campaign will be. And there's the rub. The more competitive the industry, the more expensive it will be to effectively participate in AdWords.

As a simplistic example, consider that it might cost a mere penny or two to appear first among all AdWords campaigns if you are trying to sell solar panels that instantly heat up single-family homes in Timbuktu, Mali, where average yearly temperatures exceed 89 degrees. There will not be much, if any, competition in your way. Now consider how many attorneys there are in the United States (about 450,000 the last time we checked) and how lucrative it could be for one of them to land a new client who just suffered a terribly debilitating injury at the hands of a gigantic publicly traded corporation. Got the idea?

It therefore could easily exceed $100 for every click-through for attorneys in heavily populated cities, especially for the more lucrative types of legal cases such as medical malpractice, automobile accidents, slip-and-falls, and any type of class-action lawsuit.

While most lawyers do not spend anywhere near $100 for every AdWords click-through, the price to play is nonetheless high, with averages hovering around the $20-$30 range. And by any metric, that's a lot of money, which can certainly add up quickly.

As such, it is imperative to have a company pay close attention to your AdWords campaign to ensure the proper keywords and phrases are being utilized, that there are no keywords or phrases generating useless click-throughs (which can be overcome by the use of a "negative keyword" list), and that the right audience demographics are being targeted.

"What exactly does an effective AdWords campaign entail?"

Those three aforementioned precautions are really just a small component of what is required to ensure money is not being wasted on your Google AdWords campaign. It all starts with selection of the right keywords and audience -- but monitoring where your traffic is coming from and how effectively your click-throughs are being converted into actual clients are also imperative.

Google AdWords provides an extremely robust user-interface with virtually every piece of information your law firm would ever dream of knowing about its campaign. You can see how many times your ad was displayed, how many times it was clicked, what keywords triggered those clicks, what position on any given page your ad was displayed, where in the world your ad was seen, and from where in the world it was clicked.

Once our team of highly skilled marketing and sales gurus have crafted your ad (you are only allowed a short headline, two lines of plain text, and a URL), we will work with you to determine a monthly budget, and then we will monitor your campaign and make all of the changes on a daily basis that are necessary to ensure maximum exposure at the lowest possible cost.

(We also offer our Google AdWords clients the option of having a custom page built specifically for those prospective clients who click through from the Google website).

As part of our Google AdWords service, we provide monthly reports in plain English so you can see all of the relevant information about the success of your campaign, as well as our time-tested suggestions for improving both your rank and your penetration.

We would welcome the chance to learn more about your interest in having G.O.A.L. Web Design create and deploy a Google AdWords campaign for your law firm. To learn more about how our team can help yours, please either call us today or complete our Free Quote Form and a member of our team will contact you immediately.