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Website Hosting & Maintenance

G.O.A.L. Web Design / Attorney Website Hosting & Maintenance Last Updated: Monday, March 23, 2015

Congratulations! By creating a new world-class website, you've made the extremely wise decision to invest in yourself and in your law firm. You're finally on your way toward a successful and long-lasting legal career.

Now that you have a website that is finally befitting the dedication, experience, and compassion you bring to your work, who is going to keep the site current with updates on your newsworthy cases, new associates you've hired, and lucrative settlements you've negotiated on behalf of your clients?

Certainly you're not going to attempt it yourself.

G.O.A.L. Web Design boasts unmatched hosting and maintenance plans that start at just $39 per month. For that nominal sum, we will not only host your website, but we also will process all of your updates, edits, revisions, tweaks, and changes in the same business day. Most likely, though, your requests will be handled within one hour during normal operating hours.

Both of our company's co-founders possess degrees from top journalism schools and we guarantee every sentence and every paragraph we craft on our clients' websites is perfectly punctuated, typo-free, and grammatically correct. Our standard is perfection on each task we perform.

As you know, nothing kills the credibility of a website quicker than sloppiness, broken links, images that aren't cropped and sized for the space in which they have been placed, and run-on sentences. So unless someone in your firm has scads of free time on their hands, a publishing background, and a keen eye for detail -- and knows the Associated Press Stylebook by rote -- it's probably best to leave the important responsibility of updating your website to a professional web design agency.

Billing for attorney website hosting and maintenance can be handled in one of two ways.

You can pay up front by personal or company check for 12 months and receive one month free (a discount of 8.33 percent). Or you can have us automatically bill a credit card that we'll maintain securely on file on the same date each month that your website first goes live.

All we ask is that you e-mail us your requested changes and we'll take care of the rest. Once your edits have been processed, we'll route back a confirmation. For any urgent changes that our clients require, either after-hours or on national holidays, they are welcome and encouraged to call or text the cell phone of either one of our co-founders. Clients are never a bother.

We want to be there for our clients when other attorney website design agencies aren't.

Contracts are never required for a website hosting and maintenance plan. You are welcome to walk away any time and try doing the work on your own. Our only stipulation is that any monies already paid to us are non-refundable. But with a staff of veteran writers, editors, and graphic designers at your disposal, we can't imagine why you wouldn't want to continue taking advantage of our talents.

We welcome the chance to learn more about your interest in having G.O.A.L. Web Design host and maintain your law firm's stunning new website. To learn more about how our team can help yours, please either call us today or complete our Free Quote Form and a member of our team will contact you immediately.