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G.O.A.L. Web Design / Company Information Last Updated: Monday, March 23, 2015

Passionate, knowledgeable, accessible, supremely talented, friendly, dedicated, and ethical. Those are just a few of the adjectives our clients have used in published reviews to describe G.O.A.L. Web Design.

Innovative and cutting-edge website design comes naturally to us. Our compulsion to treat clients with the absolute highest level of deference and attentiveness is just plain common courtesy.

We are roundly considered the very best attorney web design and digital marketing agency in the United States. We work hard at over-achieving and under-promising on every project. All we care about is customer satisfaction. We thrive on building websites that produce remarkable returns on the investment each of our clients makes in us.

G.O.A.L. Web Design is based in South Florida and boasts clients throughout the United States and on a total of four continents. At last count, we had a client roster than spanned 38 states.

Our expertise also extends into the realms of search engine optimization, website hosting and maintenance, content writing, Google AdWords campaign management, and social media campaign management.

Our principals have more than 90 years of combined experience building and promoting some of the planet's most elegant, effective, and eye-catching websites. After all, every business plan must begin with a stunning website, one that conveys to the world the strength of your law firm and the level of seriousness every member of your firm -- from the senior partners down to the mailroom clerks -- brings to the fore.

Our philosophy is a simple one. To consistently place people over profits and to come up with world-class products that are unmatched for their aesthetic beauty and functionality. Moreover, we strive to consistently deliver those products in a timely and cost-effective manner. We can customize a proposal for budgets of virtually any size, for solo practitioners all the way up to multinational law firms that boast thousands of attorneys.

When you hire G.O.A.L. Web Design, you are in capable hands. Our extraordinary experience and success lends itself to the needs of law firms that specialize in every aspect of the judiciary. There truly are no limits to what we can accomplish or are willing to take on.

Our process is simple and efficient

Our team of seasoned attorney website designers works in an efficient manner, typically completing first-drafts of new projects within one day of commencement. All we ask for to get started is a non-refundable 50 percent deposit. The other half shall be due upon completion, at which time we'll deliver all of the files for your law firm's stunning new website.

Once we have received your signed service agreement and deposit, we will immediately begin work on your new website.

Within approximately 24 hours, you will receive a hyperlink to a private area of our webserver to view the build-out. The only people who will be able to see the pages as they are being created are those with whom you share that hyperlink.

We are more than happy to modify, tweak, revise, edit, or otherwise change anything and everything to your satisfaction. New projects are not complete until our clients say so. We can be reached on the telephone or via e-mail at your convenience. Moreover, once we launch your new website, you will be provided the cell phone numbers for both of our company's co-founders, and you will be welcome and encouraged to call either one after-hours, or on any national holiday, when the office is closed.

We accept all four major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) as well as personal, bank, and company checks.

G.O.A.L. Web Design is acutely aware that you have your own business about which to worry. As such, we work hard to simplify the process of building and maintaining websites for our clients. Everyone at our company is always thrilled to answer any questions you have about any phase of the web design process.

We would welcome the chance to learn more about your goals on the web and how we can play an integral role in growing your brand. To learn more about our company history and the services we provide, please either call us today or complete our Free Quote Form and a member of our team will contact you immediately.