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Last Updated: Monday, March 23, 2015

Whether you practice law in a giant American metropolis like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Miami, or in a quaint small-town that no one outside of your county has ever even heard of, the simple truth is that there is an enormous amount of competition for clients.

For attorneys who specialize in highly lucrative areas such as personal injury law and medical malpractice law, the stakes are sky-high when it comes to signing up new clients. Million-dollar fees and contingencies hang in the balance.

And it is undeniable that prospective clients judge you by the quality of your website. By now, that maxim cannot be disputed.

But strangely, far too many attorneys have not invested the time and money to build and maintain a supremely professional website. One that screams out to the world that they are the very best at what they do. One that compels prospects to pick up the telephone and hire them. Immediately.

Every lawyer's website must convey the strength and experience of their firm, as well as the level of seriousness with which the attorneys at that firm approach their work. It is puzzling why some attorneys can't find a few thousand bucks to build a stunning new website, especially if their competition was able to come up with the money to do so. Especially when that investment will easily be returned to them hundreds of times over during the course of their careers.

When someone stumbles upon your website and sees a dated look, stale colors, broken images, links that don't work, typographical errors, overall sloppiness, and other marks of poor craftsmanship, they will simply look elsewhere. They are not going to call you up or send you an e-mail to say they went and hired another lawyer; they are simply going to, well, hire another lawyer.

Folks never take the time to tell you they chose another attorney because your website lacked an appropriate level of professionalism. Such a conversation would be both awkward and uncomfortable, to say the least. In other words, you will never know just how much new business you're missing.

Necessary components for a professional attorney website

A professionally built website must feature bold colors, stylish fonts, crisp images that are properly cropped and sized, a well-organized layout and navigation structure, cleanliness, ease-of-use, sufficient navigation at all levels of every page, pages that load quickly, and plenty of call-to-action buttons. In other words, only an experienced and highly skilled attorney web design agency should be building your firm's website. Without years and years of experience in journalism and web design, you should not attempt to build your law firm's website on your own.

To do so would be self-defeating and nonsensical.

Anyone who endeavors to build their own website with a do-it-yourself kit from companies like Wix, Weebly, Vista Print, or GoDaddy is only setting themselves up for failure. Sure, the sound of a $1 website, or one that is altogether free sounds tempting. Why spend money when you don't absolutely have to, right?

Well, the truth is that these do-it-yourself websites will cost you clients. In the short-term and in the long-run. There is no getting around this truism.

We encourage you to surf around some of our more popular website designs that we have featured on our homepage and compare them to the DIY website that you put together. A website that is legitimately professional requires at least 100 man-hours of work. It requires a team working in concert, fusing the talents of designers, programmers, writers, editors, and savvy marketing gurus.

To churn out a homemade website for your law firm in a half hour's time on your laptop one night would be downright silly. Just about every lawyer has tried it at one time or another. And in the end, just about every one smartens up and hires a professional attorney web design agency. Like ours.

How does the design process work?

Most of the websites we build for our clients who are either solo practitioners or who run a small- to mid-size law firm require less than one week. For larger-scale websites, the process could span up to two or three weeks. The time needed for web design projects is mostly predicated on how quickly our clients can provide to us all of the files that we simply cannot generate on our own (such as attorney headshots and their professional biographies).

When you hire G.O.A.L. Web Design, we keep you in the loop during every phase of the build-out process.

You are provided a hyperlink to a private area of our webserver where the design work takes place so you can view the progress of your project. Our clients are welcome to send us tweaks and revisions, day or night, during the design process, and new projects are never complete until our clients say so. We won't launch your new website until you are 100 percent happy with the way everything looks and feels.

And even after the launch of your law firm's new website, any changes -- from something seemly as insignificant as a mark of punctuation all the way up to an entirely new page of content -- will be processed with the same care and expediency as you would expect from a world-class company.

G.O.A.L. Web Design's co-founders place an enormous premium on customer satisfaction and we want more than anything for that concern to be reflected in every single aspect of our interaction with you.