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G.O.A.L. Web Design / Attorney Website Content Writing Last Updated: Saturday, August 4, 2018

Attorney websites absolutely require professionally written content for three critical reasons. First, a website that contains only a few pages of content will look anorexic, unattractive, and incomplete. That's just plain common sense.

Next, websites that feature a sufficient amount of content will get crawled and indexed easier, more often, and faster by Google, Yahoo!, and all of the world's other major search engines, and that will manifest into higher placement among organic results when folks search for a lawyer in your city and in your area of expertise.

And finally, attorney websites that boast both a sufficient amount of content, as well as content that is well-written and informative, will keep their audiences engaged for longer periods of time and prevent them from searching for other lawyers who they might hire instead.

All three of those aforementioned reasons should compel every attorney in the United States to be sure their website contains at least one full page (with at least 400 words) that describes, in detail, each area of practice in which they engage. For personal injury lawyers, that could mean upwards of two dozen pages just for practice areas.

To quickly fire off one or two sentences for airplane accidents, automobile accidents, boating accidents, cruise ship accidents, defective products, medical malpractice, slip-and-falls, train accidents, and wrongful death cases on one page dubbed "Practice Areas" would be missing out on a great opportunity to both rank higher with the search engines and to show off your knowledge and expertise in each of those areas of law.

Failure to create a separate page on your website for each practice area would constitute nothing less than abject laziness.

Don't publish an anorexic website

Websites that lack sufficient content are flat-out ugly. And no one wants to look at something that is unattractive. When folks see websites with gaping holes and giant white spaces, they instantly think something is wrong, either with the website itself, or with the person or company that published it.

There are no space limitations with websites. Unlike newspaper and magazine editors, you have all the space you could ever need to tell the world what a dedicated, compassionate, and zealous attorney you are, and how much your firm cares about its clients. Take advantage of that space. When you printed your business cards and brochures, you were forced to fit a whole lot of text into a very finite amount of space. That is not the case with your website.

When an attorney uploads a slipshod website with a few words carelessly splattered on each of a handful of pages, it cries out that the firm does not care about its appearance or the work that it does. Is that the impression you want to leave with a prospect?

Websites with sufficient content will look robust. They will look serious. They will reflect the fact that the firm possesses the experience and the knowledge that is required to competently handle any case that comes its way -- and to take on any opposing counsel.

Get found by the world's major search engines

There is a definite method to the order in which attorneys are listed on Google, Yahoo!, and the world's other major search engines when queries are performed by people surfing the web. It is not by any stroke of luck or some magic formula that certain attorneys and law firms appear first on Page One among organic results every time.

The billionaire genuises whose algorithms are used by the world's major search engines placed an extraordinarily high premium on the actual content that appears on the pages of websites.

Back in the mid- and late-1990s, during the dawn of the popularity of the World Wide Web, it was easy to game the search engines. That is, it was easy to publish a website about one topic and trick the search engines into displaying that website high among search results for an entirely unrelated search word or phrase.

That practice is nearly impossible nowadays, as the algortihms that currently are in use have become much more sophisticated. The powers that be at Google, Yahoo!, and the world's other major search engines want to help create the most user-friendly experience possible for visitors to their respective websites. After all, that will only help increase their own profitability.

Toward that end, they want the search results that their websites generate to be as accurate and relevant as possible. It is therefore critical to populate your law firm's website with as much content as possible about the work you do. Specifically, about your practice areas. After all, when someone in your hometown searches for a personal injury lawyer, don't you want your website to be the first one they see among the dozens, if not hundreds, of others?

Keep your audience engaged. Don't send them away

Hiring an attorney, especially for the very first time, can be a daunting experience. Take the time to engage your audience. Let them know you care. Let them know their case is important to you. Let them know that you will be accessible to them if they make the smart move of hiring you.

Your website is a great forum to show off your expertise. If you've handled dozens of personal injury cases, that should be mentioned on your website. If you've scored tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of your clients, that should be mentioned on your website. If you were hired by a prominent member of your local business community to handle a case, that should be mentioned on your website.

And, of course, any mentions of your firm in the local media should be included on a separate page altogether.

Far too many attorney websites lack sufficient content to compel prospective clients to call or e-mail for more information. It's a simple fact that the more content you have, the longer potential clients will stay on your website, and the longer they do, the more likely they are to hire you. Keep them engaged. Keep them interested. Convince them you are most qualified to handle their case, and in the end, you'll win their business.

Quite pathetically, thousands of attorney websites still, to this day, contain an entire page filled with links to other websites. You've seen them. Links to the courthouse. Links to the clerk of courts. Links here. Links there. With so much competition for clients, and such an enormous effort that is required to attract visitors to your website, it's baffling that lawyers are still sending prospects away.

"I'm an attorney, not a writer!"

Of course. We understand that and we really wish very lawyer in the country would come to grips with that same notion. But that's not the case. Tons and tons of attorneys try to handle the content writing for their website themselves, and in the end, they are left with pages that are fraught with typos, poor grammar, laughable sentence structure, and an altogether embarrassing product.

G.O.A.L. Web Design has a team of professional writers and editors with decades worth of experience publishing for the mass media. We would never upload a page to any of our clients' websites that has not been proofed by at least three sets of eyes.

We take enormous pride in generating thoughtful, relevant, and SEO-friendly content.

When you hire us, you are hiring the very best the legal industry has to offer in the way of website copywriting. The words we choose to publish on the pages of your stunning new website will impress potential clients and get you found by all of the world's top search engines. Website content must be pithy and hard-hitting. We've been at this for nearly two decades, and we understand better than any competing web design agency how to produce the most compelling and informative content your website needs to succeed.

We would welcome the chance to learn more about your goals on the web and how we can play an integral role in growing your brand. To learn more about our content writing services, please either call us today or complete our Free Quote Form and a member of our team will contact you immediately.